Effingham’s Wonderland in Lights

CGP_0048I spoke earlier that it was important to see the red stream of lights through the Wonderland in Lights display in Effingham. These red lights are from the tail lights of cars passing through the displays.

There are two important reasons why they should be in the image:

The first reason is that it shows that people are actually visiting the display. Magazines and tourism departments (among others :) ) rely on visuals to captivate and draw their audience. It tells a story. People are coming to see the lights. When I made this image one vehicle came by with a young girl looking out the window pointing and singing Christmas carols. We tell stories through memories. Magazines, tourism departments, and businesses that rely on visuals depend on storytelling.

The second reason is that providing context separates a professional image from a tourist image. I took my iPhone and made some nice looking images of the individual lights. But what does that image show? What does it convey? It shows artistry, but it doesn’t tell a story. Context provides the reader more information to a story. The above image allows people to see that the display is being viewed and gives motivation to go see it as well – something tourism departments LOVE to see.

Context is a huge part of storytelling. The ability to put someone or something in context allows the reader to be there if he/she couldn’t. It allows the reader to feel they’ve been there. It’s a key component of my storytelling.

I hope everyone had an opportunity to see the lights this year. I had a chance to take my mentee through the lights and he sang songs from the radio while we passed through! It was his first time seeing it and I could tell he definitely enjoyed it.

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